we've still got Mars :)

we've still got Mars <3

it's not going anywhere
can't go on dreaming awake
nothing surprising ever comes
and i keep on getting old

stucked here, in this sunny days
and the confortable rain
is whipping my tears
but they're not going anywhere

don't wanna feel
don't wanna hear
the only thing i wanna do is sing

but you're not here
ride with me?... perhaps lalala

if you could only see that, maybe, we're meant to be
leave it all behind, give me a chance,
comme on, let's take a ride!

Pluto's no longer a planet
but we still have Mars <3
(the red warmy one)

comme on, give me a chance
bam bam bam
just hold my hand
i might fit between your arms

la la la we've still got Mars
dup dup dup dup might fit in your arms
la la la wanna ride?

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